The LGBTQ & Friends Community Group has been active over the past several months. The Leadership Council, under the direction of Gary Harris, decided to shift from a focus on providing support to a mission of building community, not only within First Baptist but also in the greater Greenville area. As a result, the group’s name was changed from the “LGBTQ Support Group.” I joined the LGBTQ & Friends Community Group as part of my supervised ministry experience as a seminary student at Columbia Theological Seminary. Based on a course I took in Spring 2021, I launched a daily social engagement calendar on Facebook with a goal to provide a 24/7 community to LGBTQ+ people of faith and their allies (see calendar). At the direction of the group’s leadership council, we have expanded our activities to include a monthly social meet-up, a movie night, and a weekly Bible study. For more information and to participate in our daily offerings, find us at our Facebook page or by clicking the link from the church’s Facebook page.
—Brian Cromer
LGBTQ & Friends Community Calendar
Mondays at 5pm—Support Group
Join us on Zoom with your celebrations and concerns.
Tuesdays at 5:30pm—Bible Study
With Brian Cromer on Zoom.
Join the conversation prompted by Doug Rainey as we seek inspiration for the challenges we face.
Thursdays—LGBTQ News
Engage with Milena Grace as she presents a hot-button issue affecting the LGBTQ community.
Fridays—Queer Chat
Teri King and Brian Cromer discuss the challenges and triumphs of living in the South as queer people of faith.
4th Sunday of Each Month at 5pm—LGBTQ & Friends Community Group
Join us in person at First Baptist for our monthly meet-up group.

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