Sunday, October 17, 9:00-10:15am in the Fellowship Hall

This church has a long tradition of building community through smaller groups within the congregation. These community groups help make our large buildings and membership base feel a little smaller and provide both newcomers and longtime members ways to join their faith journeys to the life and work of the church. Sunday School has been and remains our primary small group here at First Baptist. The leaders and teachers of these classes oversee their own mini-autonomous Baptist churches, as they select curriculum, schedule the teachers, plan social outings, keep everyone informed through regular communication, and serve as the point person for any concerns that arise in the lives of the class members.
For all of this and more, the Spiritual Formation Committee and I want to say thank you; we also want to show our appreciation by inviting you to join us for a time to catch up, enjoy a nice breakfast, and celebrate the excellent ministry that occurs under your leadership.
If you are involved in teaching or leadership of an adult Sunday School class, take the morning off and join us in the Fellowship Hall. Breakfast and coffee will be ready by 9:00am, and we will provide a joint Sunday School option that morning in the Chapel for your classes.
If you are involved in teaching or leadership of Sunday School for youth and younger, please stop by and grab a bite to go. We want to show our appreciation to you, too!
With love and appreciation,
Matt and the Spiritual Formation Committee

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