A newly formed community group, The Connections Class, is the first Sunday School class at First Baptist to be created in the “Zoom era.” The members, made up of newer members and recent visitors looking for community, have met several times over the past few weeks, getting to know each other’s stories and collaborating on decisions such as lesson styles and a class description (see below).
“The Connections Class was created to establish a community within the Church. We are a diverse group of individuals seeking to increase our faith, knowledge and understanding through sharing and studying Christian resources. We welcome you to join our faith journey, no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love or who your family is.”
As you may have seen in an earlier article I wrote about this possibility—or in the description above—the idea for this new class is to provide an option for relatively new members looking both to create community in smaller circles and to become more involved in the greater church, which can be daunting in a large church like ours even in normal times.Today, I am pleased to report to you the progress that has been made by those who responded with interest and are working together to create the kind of community that is both supportive to its members and welcoming to visitors and newcomers—an environment for which all of our adult Sunday School classes strive.
If you are interested in visiting this class (or any other class), please email me so that I can help you find the right fit.

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