It’s been a while since I’ve tried doing cartwheels on my front lawn, but today I’m considering it!
Have you heard? We’re all invited out to the Greenville Drive Stadium this Sunday, September 20, at 6pm for an evening of celebration of our Children’s Ministry! I couldn’t be happier! What better reason to take a Sunday Drive?
September is always such an important month for our children as they get used to new routines, friends and challenges, but this year, when it seems that nearly everything in their lives has turned upside down and sideways, it feels especially important to celebrate that they are rooted in the love of God and of their church family. Such love calls for a service of its own!
I hope you’ll join us at Fluor Field for this special time of worship! It will be casual and relaxed and safe. There will be jazz and prayers and songs. Jim will offer a meditation which I’m sure will be enlightening and wonderful, as always, but I’ll tell you a secret. You know what I’m most excited about? The JUMBOTRON! Thanks to the big screen at the ball field, we’ll have an amazing view of our children’s faces as we celebrate their important spiritual milestones.
Come and see each of our third graders receive the most special physical treasure we can give them—a Bible of their very own, inscribed with their names. Watch as our new acolytes receive their crosses and we dedicate their service to God. Breathe in the excitement and joy as we thank God for our precious children and praise our God, who pours love over us as we grow our whole lives long.
I can’t guarantee you’ll leave doing cartwheels in the parking lot, but I bet your spirit will be flying high! I hope to see you there!

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