Several seniors were asked to respond to “Please comment on your spiritual growth and aging as related to giving.” These are their responses.
When I was young, it was my duty to give. As I grew older, it was my privilege to give. Every Christian, regardless of age, experience or circumstance, bears the responsibility to grow towards spiritual maturity to become more like Christ. This journey requires allegiance to Christ, his church, and its activities—prayer, Bible study, and stewardship of time, talents and tithe. Mature faith expresses gratitude for God’s having chosen believers as his own as well as God’s immeasurable gifts. Giving my time, talent and financial resources was something I was taught from children’s Sunday School on up, but the older I get, the more significant giving my time and financial resources becomes as I realized my responsibility to the church and its mission and as a way to glorify God.
Folks of our (older) generation learned about stewardship as children in terms of giving our money to support God’s work through the offerings we brought weekly to Sunday School and church. As we grew and matured, we learned that stewardship means much more than just financial giving but becoming stewards of all we have been given—time, talents and all we are.
The technical changes that our generation has witnessed have been truly amazing—particularly in the area of communication. As we have moved from radio and television to satellite relays and the internet, the world with all its varied activities has opened up to us. Yes, life comes at us much more quickly today, but it still has lessons to teach about attitudes and relationships. As we mature physically, mentally and spiritually, we see more fully the importance of focusing less on self and more on the needs of others. Our financial support of the church’s outreach is an important part of our maturing process and a major step in following the Great Commission of Jesus.
—Tom Kirby, Stewardship Committee

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