Stewardship Challenge

My first thought when asked to compose a piece for The Branch about stewardship was where to begin. My concept of Stewardship was considered from multiple perspectives:

…from observing my parents and grandparents as they put God first in their lives and therefore in their giving.

…from observing near-poverty level students take turns sharing the little they had with friends – buying each other treats, supporting the school’s food and clothing drives or in supporting big school projects such as Saint Jude or Habitat for Humanity by giving more.

…from observing my own growth from childhood with coins tied in a handkerchief to the adult with a checkbook and/or smartphone ready to add my offerings to make the difference.

I’m uncertain which of these points of view works most for me. I do know that during the course of our everyday lives, we spend based on the price tag for the things we want in life, and we generally accept the cost and move on to the next thing we want to purchase.

One place we can’t and don’t put a price tag is at church. The relationships among the congregants, the sermons, the music sung, growing our children to be good and thoughtful Christians and the countless other items that could be listed – just knowing that behind the Sunday morning scene there are programs and committees providing an array of services for us and our wider community – are priceless.

The challenge for us is to grow in our giving. What do we value? We need to show it with our lives – our time, talents and resources. If you haven’t given before, give now. If you have given, give a little more. If we all work together incrementally, good things will happen.

Whatever your motivation, the challenge is to not just continue giving but to increase our support cheerfully and regularly. I think we can and will.

— Pat Booker-Christy
Stewardship Committee Member