This week approximately 250 people from 40 states and several foreign countries are attending a six-day Stephen Ministry Leadership Training Conference in Orlando, Florida. Pat Booker-Christy and Lindsay Waldrop are participating in this important training and will be commissioned later this summer as FBG Stephen Leaders. Their willingness to serve in this important position offers assurance of the on-going strength of our congregation’s Stephen Ministry. Please pray for Pat and Lindsay as they begin this new chapter of servant leadership.

Stephen Ministry (SM) is a proven program that prepares laypeople to provide one-to-one Christian care to hurting people in a congregation and the surrounding community. Started nearly 40 years ago, more than 11,000 congregations from various denominations now have active Stephen Ministries. Our SM leadership team is currently recruiting church members to participate in 50 hours of structured training, beginning in September, to enlarge our Stephen Ministry team. Following the completion of this training, continuing education and peer supervision will enable these volunteers to provide confidential and competent Christian care.

Stephen Minister applications are available until July 15 at the Reception Desk and can be accessed online at the FBG website. The SM Leadership Team encourages your prayerful consideration of volunteering for this important lay ministry. Both men and women are necessary for this ministry to be successful, as men serve as caregivers for men and women serve with women. Presently, more women are needed to become Stephen Ministers than men, but men who feel called are also encouraged to apply.

If you are interested in more information regarding becoming a Stephen Minister, or if you or someone you know in our congregation might be helped to cope with difficult day-to-day living by a relationship with a Stephen Minister, please contact a Stephen Leader or Kendra or Kyle in our Office of Pastoral Care. A Stephen Ministry link can be found on our church website.

— Ann Quattlebaum

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