Sometimes life gangs up on you, and you say, “Because of what I’ve been through or am going through or because of what’s coming, I could use some support—preferably someone outside my circle of friends and family, someone who can keep confidences, someone who can be there when I need them… but won’t over-stay!”
At First Baptist, we have a name for that kind of person. They are ministers with our Stephen Ministry; church members like yourself who have made an offering of their empathy and availability so that they can “companion” others through life’s transitions. They have undergone special training and participate in regular meetings for continuing education. They are here for you! If you’d like to explore it, just let one of us ministers know that you’d like to interview a Stephen Minister, and they will contact you personally to discuss a good match.
Last Sunday, we welcomed Rhonda Girvin and Ken Kraft to their ranks—our newly minted Stephen Ministers! We welcome them, thank them for their service, and pray God’s blessing on their ministries among us!
If Stephen Ministry might be a way for you to explore your own ministry calling, know that the need tends to outpace the supply. If you feel a nudge to join their ranks and become a companion for others, please call Kendra or me, or contact one of our Stephen Leaders directly—Pat Booker-Christy, Wofford Green, Hazel Harris or Duke McCall—and learn more.
Let this be the year you take a step of faith in the direction of the ministry you need or the ministry you need to do!

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