9-square, laser tag, and inflatables. Oh my! For the first time in six months, our Youth Family was able to gather in person in its entirety. Approximately 70 youth met at the Greenville Convention Center for an in-town, two-day retreat. We followed all our safety protocols in order to keep everyone safe and happy! The retreat completely revolved around regathering, rest and fun. On Friday evening, our theme was a “Glow Party,” and youth were invited to wear their glow-in-the-dark gear and play in a blacklight lit room. We played big games like 9-square, mega foursquare, capture the flag, and outdoor laser tag. There were also plenty of opportunities to participate in crafts, watch Netflix, or even play video games! On Saturday, we had an outdoor dodgeball tournament, ultimate frisbee, inflatables, a video game tournament, a variety of new crafts, and more time to just relax and be together! It was a wonderful weekend and a much needed chance for the entire Youth Family to see each other again. We were reminded that better days are ahead, and our youth could not be more excited!
—Will Raybon

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