Simply Loved by God, Simply Loving Others, and Simply Loving Myself—these were the lessons taught by the Youth Family during our first Youth Sunday in two years. These lessons were not just spoken during homilies. You could hear them in all the readings and music of the morning. You could see them in the variety of artwork positioned near the front of the Sanctuary. These pieces were each created by youth who wanted to portray what our theme meant to them. This past year has been tough for our youth.
Our 2020 Youth Sunday worship service was the first completely virtual (livestreamed) service, with only three youth able to share their gifts in person. This year’s theme has been “Simplify.” During worship, this year’s project was positioned by the baptistry. If you were to look closer, you would discover that this year’s project is a mosaic filled with hundreds of pictures of what makes our Youth Family simply wonderful.
I hope as you see our youth participants, you will share with them what this year’s service meant to you. I have already heard such wonderful comments, and they should hear those, too! Please enjoy this picture of the theme piece and artwork from this year’s Youth Sunday service.
—Will Raybon

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