SIX MONDAYS, October 5-November 9, 4–5 PM, VIA ZOOM

It’s always hard to lose a loved one, but with the restrictive reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year has been an extraordinarily hard time to say our good-byes. From restrictions on hospital and nursing home visits to restrictions on funerals and gatherings, we haven’t been able to grieve those we loved in the ways we always imagined we would. Research shows over and over again that the best ways to move through a season of grief always include a community of support and understanding. We are social creatures, and we grieve socially and need that connection to other humans in our times of suffering. That’s why I’m so excited to begin our annual Grief Support Group on October 5! This year, I’ll be convening and leading our Grief Support Group via Zoom instead of meeting in person. This will allow all our participants to join virtually from a place that feels safe to them and will hopefully open up access to folks who may not be able to drive. I invite you, if you have lost a loved one within the last year or so, to email or call me to sign up and be a part of this group. We will do a “test-run” the day before our first meeting for anyone who would like to make sure their technology is working appropriately! Then we’ll meet together via Zoom for six Mondays in a row, working our way through conversations, educational materials, and exercises built to facilitate our processing of grief. Please let me know of any questions you have, and don’t forget to email or call (233-2527 ext.104) to sign up—spaces are limited. Please sign up by September 28!

I’m looking forward to this meaningful time with you!


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