Have you ever wondered how we first began telling stories?

Have you ever wondered how the earth came into being?

Have you ever wondered about the origins of our community? …of our traditions?

Have you ever wondered how you fit into the great, big, swirling cosmos of creation?

None of these wonderings have easy answers, but they have inspired stories for thousands of years. Over time, these stories became something special, something sacred. They help us to understand more about the world, about God, and about ourselves.

This summer, the Youth Family will be exploring the sacred stories of Native American and Indigenous tribes through a curriculum called In the Spirit of the Circle. Each week, we will read a story from a specific tribe or people group and then relate that tale to our own sacred stories: those found in our Scriptures and in our lived experiences. We’ll express ourselves through creative writing, art and prayer—all seated around the flickering flame of a candle, in the spirit of the circle.

Join us Sunday mornings at 9:30 in The Grove at the AYMC—all middle and high school students are welcome! Contact me for more information.


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