As many of you know, I retired from FBG in 2016 after twenty-eight years as Minister of Pastoral Care and am grateful for the opportunity to currently serve as Interim Minister to Senior Adults. Since returning to the staff, I have been flooded with memories. As we know, memories come in all flavors: happy and sad, meaningful, joyful, memories we hope to hold on to forever, and others we wish we could erase.

One memory for which I am especially grateful is associated with some difficult times we lived through together as a church family. Several years ago, we faced a series of formidable challenges, but the thing that stands out in my memory is the way so many church members stepped up, gave their time and resources, and remained faithful and committed to our church. We had a steady stream of members calling the church office and saying things like: I am not happy about what’s going on, but I’m calling to ask how I can help. This church means so much to me and to my family. We’ve been through tough times before and we’ll get through this. I will forever be grateful for the many members whose dedication, affection and commitment to our church helped us make it through some troublesome times.

I love this church family. Looking out at the congregation from the choir loft is always a powerful experience. I see individuals and families and recall significant moments we shared along the way, like working together on a mission trip, enjoying one of our senior adult trips, visiting your family in the hospital as you welcomed a new baby into your family, and in some cases, celebrating with you years later as you watched that child get married. When I look out at the congregation and relive some of the powerful times we shared together, it’s pretty overwhelming.

Remembering and reflecting on our life can strengthen and renew our faith and is a reminder that the Loving Presence who has been our help in ages past will be our help in years to come.


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