A few weeks ago, Tom Oswald commented on those of us who were so agile now having to take careful steps with our canes…
I remember those early days aboard a destroyer in bad weather when a grizzled old Chief Petty Officer said to me as I was out on the weather deck in the salt spray and wind, “Hey, Lieutenant, it is one hand for the ship and one for the Lieutenant.” I still caution my dear wife and others, blithely descending the rotunda stairs, to hold onto the handrail. Many of you remember Ethel Merrit, our librarian on the second floor in olden days. She pushed for a handrail in that corridor for many months, and that legacy still prevails when I traverse the church halls. It is not too late to think about your house, the front steps, the stairs to the basement and any place having more than two steps. Your older friends—and even your younger visitors—will be forever grateful. It is easier to make the installation now before an accident occurs.
Just remember, “One hand for the ship and one for ME.”
—Gene Morin

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