Okay, I admit it: I’m hooked on Wordle. In this daily brainteaser puzzle you get six tries to uncover a random 5-letter word. The color-coded grid lets you know when you have discovered a correct letter, hopefully in the right place. The best strategy is to start well, and vowels are the order of the day: audio and adieu are among the most popular words, as are arise and soare (I had to Google that one); snare, heart, and canoe are very useful. My granddaughter, Ainsley, expertly recommends rainy. One of my personal favorites is weird (go figure!).

Now that I’m retired, it seems like there’s as much advice out there about to how to age well as about how to start your Wordle. Here’s some of the best I’ve heard so far:

Aging? It’s inevitable, so lean into the adventure…cherish wonder when it comes our way.

Savor…the people, places and ideas that have been formative in our lives—and also savor…

Newer…the people, places, and ideas that are sparking new curiosities and prompting a fresh perspective about something important.

Serve! Volunteer in the Church nursery or prepare lunch at Triune Mercy Center. Deliver Meals on Wheels. Help with the Habitat for Humanity “Abraham Build” house in Nicholtown. United Ministries would welcome you to be a tutor (now there’s a handy 5-letter word for you!).

Older? Yep!

Wiser? That’s the plan. Hope-fully!

What’s your best starting word for Wordle…and for life? (5 letter limit, please!)

—Tony McDade

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