First Baptist Greenville—I had passed it many times since I moved to Greenville 18 years ago and had met some folks who went there but had never visited. After my husband died, I joined the Rotary Club and met Ann Golden whose husband was very ill at the time. He passed away not too long after I joined Rotary, and I went to his memorial service at First Baptist to support Ann. The service was wonderful. The music was outstanding, and the church was crowded.

After the service, Duke McCall, whom I knew from Rolling Green, walked me to the Fellowship Hall and explained to me what a friendly church First Baptist was/is and that all are welcome there.

I found this very appealing.

I had lived at Rolling Green for some years by this time; Jim and Joan Cauble were among my neighbors. I served on the HOA board with Jim, had met Joan, and also fell in love with their Schnauzer, Fritz. The years flew by. Jim and I both lost our spouses. Some years after Joan passed, Jim asked me out to dinner and then asked me to go to church with him.

Let me explain my religious background. My birth family was Presbyterian, so from Cradle Roll on, I was, too, but I had always been attracted to a more liturgical style of worship and soon after college became an Episcopalian. I carried that tradition to Greenville with me when I moved here and became an active member of St. Peter’s. I was very happy in that church family and continue my connections with members there.

Then…I met Jim who had been a member of First Baptist almost 50 years, so I felt FBG was where I needed to be also. The smiling faces and warm greetings from the church’s members came from the hearts of those I met both in Jim’s long-time Sunday School Class (Seminar-Corder) and in the membership in general. My feelings of welcome were certainly confirmed when Jim and I went on the retreat this year to Lake Junaluska and had a chance to do more than just smile at folks on Sunday morning. Then, at Jim’s suggestion, I asked to join the choir. My welcome from Vivian and the members of the choir has been over the top.

Each time a new person joins our church, the minister encourages him/her to find a small group and get involved. I heartily agree and would encourage anyone who comes to First Baptist to do just that because in that way we are able share the love of God.

My Jim being a member here certainly gave me an easy introduction to the church, but the loving and outgoing nature of the membership clearly showed me that the Spirit lives in this place.

—Lynn Woodman Cauble

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