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Transparency is a fundamental principle of the Senior Minister Search Committee at First Baptist Greenville. To that end, the committee will be providing resources at this site throughout the process. Please check here often for announcements, updates, and opportunities to participate. There is much more to come!


Senior Minister Nomination (September 21, 2023)

We are blessed to announce to you that our search has concluded.  Guided by profound enthusiasm and a sense of tranquility inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Senior Minister Search Committee will, on Sunday, October 1, present to you our unanimous nominee for the position of Senior Minister: Reverend Dr. Carol McEntyre.

Carol is deeply thoughtful and pastoral.  She is an experienced and intellectual preacher with a style that is relatable and challenging.  Moreover, she is reflective and courageous, willing and able to delve deftly into challenging theological topics.  Under her guidance, people with different backgrounds and viewpoints feel heard, and all voices are included.  In her 11 years at First Baptist Church in Columbia, Missouri, she has honed an ability to minister to the needs of, and provide pastoral care to a congregation like ours.  She has a gift for recognizing the talents in all and building theological unity of spirit among people with varying perspectives. She has a powerful community-facing presence in both the larger Baptist community through her leadership in the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and in the community overall, which makes her an excellent fit for First Baptist Greenville.  Moreover, Carol is strikingly personable, approachable, and authentic.  We feel in our hearts that God is truly calling us together in this place and time.

With deep excitement and reverence, we invite you to participate in our Senior Minister Call Weekend:

·         Saturday, September 30:
Meet & Greet and Q&A with Carol and Her Family
3-5pm in the Fellowship Hall
3pm Q&A with Carol
4pm Meet & Greet with Carol

·         Sunday, October 1:
Mini Meet & Greet with Carol and Her Family
9:00am-10:15am in the Fellowship Hall

Church Conference to Confirm Carol’s Call to FBG
Immediately following worship

Immediately following the Church Conference in the Fellowship Hall

If you would like to get to know Carol a little bit before actually meeting her on Call Weekend, we also invite you to explore samples of her sermons and articles, which can be found online.  Additionally, we have prepared an introduction flyer that is available via the link in Resources below, and in print form at church.

One of the profound joys of being human is experiencing and recognizing occasional “God moments”—when the presence of the Holy Spirit is felt, keenly and undeniably. We, as a committee, have been blessed by many such moments since we undertook this task together just over a year ago. Many of them were facilitated by you, our sisters and brothers in Christ. In the many kind and supportive words that you shared with us, the lively and insightful congregational conversations, and your uplifting prayers, we felt the presence of God. We are eternally grateful to you for your steadfast commitment to our church during this time of discernment and always.

Our interactions with Carol have been infused with God moments as well. Through all the steps of the search process, we have been guided by the Spirit towards Carol as the person we believe God is calling to First Baptist Greenville. In moments of animated discussion, as well as in times of contemplation, study, and reflection, we have been energized by what God has revealed to our hearts and minds about her, her ministry, and her belonging at FBG.

We are honored and grateful for this opportunity to serve, and humbled by your trust. We look forward to the bright future that God has in store for our church and ask that you join us in affirming Carol’s call to be our next Senior Minister.

In Christ,
Senior Minister Search Committee: Doug Girvin, Pat Booker-Christy, Ralph Bouton, Pam Davis, Deb Richardson-Moore, Leslie Rodwell, Kevin Treu

Senior Pastor Search Committee

Pat has been a member of FBG for 15 years and during this time has been on multiple committees. She has served as a deacon and most recently as a Foundation Trustee. She is a member of the Johnson class in which she is one of its teachers. She is also a Stephen Minister.

Ralph and his wife, Becky, married 50 years ago in 1972 at First Baptist Church when it was located downtown on McBee Street. They have three sons who were raised at First Baptist, three daughters-in-law, and seven grandchildren. Ralph is a senior deacon and currently serves on the Property Committee. Ralph and Becky are members of the Adkins-Bouton Sunday School Class.

Pam and her wife, Robin, have been members of First Baptist since 2019. Their son, Zac, is 14 years old and very involved in Youth Ministry. Pam has served as a Sunday School teacher for high school youth and is also a member of The Bridge Committee. Pam and Robin are members of the Koinonia Sunday School Class.

Doug and his wife, Rhonda, have been members of First Baptist for more than 25 years. They have three adult children who were raised at First Baptist. Doug has served as a deacon and served on the 2021 Deacon Nominating Committee. Doug and Rhonda are members of the Koinonia Sunday School Class.

Deb and her husband, Vince, were members of FBG for five years, during which time she served as a deacon and taught occasionally in the Rose Sunday School Class. The church ordained her to ministry in 2005, and she became pastor of Triune Mercy Center. Deb and Vince rejoined First Baptist earlier this year after her retirement from Triune. They are the parents of three adult children.

Leslie and her husband, Foster, have been members of First Baptist for more than 15 years. They have two boys who are active in the Children’s Ministry. Leslie has served as a deacon and a Foundation Trustee and is currently serving on the Ministry Education and Formation Committee. Leslie and Foster are members of the Koinonia Sunday School Class.

Kevin and his wife, Julie, have been members of First Baptist since 2016. They have four adult children who live all over the country. Kevin has served as a deacon and is a member of the Bell Tower Ringers handbell choir. Kevin and Julie are members of the Koinonia Sunday School Class.


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