The Senior Adult Committee met on June 8 through a Zoom meeting to consider our Senior Adult activities and trips for the remainder of the year. The Committee members expressed their concern over the difficulty of our being able to follow CDC recommendations for group gatherings and to provide social distancing with Roadrunner trips, the Senior Adult Banquet and First Friday Lunch and More monthly meetings, etc. After much discussion, the Committee voted to suspend all Senior Adult activities through December 2020. The September trip to the Amish Country and Washington, D.C. has been postponed until September 2021.
The Committee concluded that the suspension of all Senior Adult activities through December 2020 is a necessary precaution for our First Baptist Greenville Senior Adults who are more susceptible to COVID-19. Hopefully, all activities can be resumed in January 2021—or sooner, if possible.
The Senior Adult Committee expressed concern over the loss of contact with others through the suspension of our activities. All Senior Adults are invited to participate in a drive through frozen yogurt party at First Baptist Greenville on Friday, July 24. Watch the church newsletter, The Branch, for further information and plan to participate in this SAFE outdoor event. Let us pray that through careful adherence to the nationally published guidelines that we can resume contact with each other soon. Meanwhile, all of us can make phone calls and send emails, notes and cards to encourage each other through this difficult and strange time.
—Nancy Kirby, Senior Adult Committee Chair

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