Each year, we pack up goodies that the congregation has donated and ship them to students so that they arrive right in the middle of finals. It is a great way for us to continue supporting the undergrad and grad students who have called First Baptist Greenville their church home.

So that we have plenty of time to assemble, pack, and ship these care packages, please turn in your donations now! There are collection bins in the Front Office and the deadline for donations is Sunday, November 13. Please consider donating the following individually-wrapped items:

pens/pencils, erasers, easy mac & cheese, small cans of Pringles, ramen noodles, chewy granola bars, fruit snacks, snack-size trail mix and Goldfish crackers, individual bags of cookies or crackers, microwave popcorn, “Rice Krispy” treats, candy (no chocolate please!)

**We will collect homemade baked goods to add to the packages on November 27.**

Also—if you have a current college or grad student in your family, please encourage them to fill out the college contact update form. If we do not have their current school email and address, we unfortunately cannot send them a care package. After filling in their current address, they will also have the opportunity to express interest in a College Student Winter Retreat in January, so this is a form your favorite college student(s) won’t want to miss!

We already have more than twenty college students signed up to receive a care package and more on the way. Thanks to everyone who has donated already and make sure to donate soon!

—Mary Carol & Franklin

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