One morning around the first of April, the 19 million citizens of Delhi, India, awoke to an awesome, breathtaking sight. Somehow, during the night, someone had put a mountain nearby where there had been no mountain the day before – a mountain range, actually!
Of course, what had actually happened was COVID-19. India is home to 21 of the 30 worst-polluted urban centers in the world, so when the virus shut down much of the travel and industry in that country, it enabled the air to clear just enough that people could see what was there all along: the Himalayas.
The work of spiritual growth starts with the humble admission that we do not, in fact, see things as they really are. Our perspective is not “all there is,” and it’s polluted with biases, presumptions, the mental junk food of the sensational and salacious, and inherited beliefs we have yet to question.
Jesus famously healed the visually-impaired, but on at least one occasion, he healed a man twice to insure that he gave the man not only sight – but clarity of vision. There’s a sense in which all of Jesus’s teaching was designed to help people with good eyes develop a “second sight” that gives depth and meaning to their lives.
For our MidWeek Fellowships June 10, 17, and 24, we’re going to explore some biblical examples of this “Second Sight,” asking God to grant us “new eyes” with which to see the mountain of insight that has been standing before us all along. Tune in to our website at 6:15pm for the livestream or watch it later – whatever works for you. The link will remain active.
And here’s an idea: invite a friend to watch with you, and then see what “insights” each of you had that the other might have missed, and share your thoughts with us!

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