Have you ever struggled to keep a dying potted plant alive only to finally realize that it had simply outgrown its container?
Many people are in real psycho-spiritual pain because they became adults while still operating with concepts, beliefs and expectations that they have held since childhood. They have outgrown the pot they are planted in, but they are afraid to give up that old flower pot.
In our MidWeek Fellowship Bible Study on Wednesday nights this month (Livestream, 6:15pm), we’ll be focusing on the “Second Sight” that is promised to followers of Jesus: the new eyes, new birth, and “bread that you know not of,” that are the stuff of “second-half of life spirituality.” Truth is, there is plenty of room and rich soil out there if we will be willing to grow in some new directions!
I recommend further exploration in three areas, and because I won’t have hand-outs or slides to show you, I’m putting them in writing for you here for future reference:
• Education: There is so much life-giving insight to be gained from study of the Bible and of biblical theology. If you’re worried it will be boring, start with How the Bible Actually Works, or any of the other intro-to-Christianity books by the brilliant and funny Peter Enns.
• Spiritual practices help us move beyond the “tyranny of the quantifiable,” where action and experience are our teachers. The book Soul Feast by Marjorie Thompson is the seminal text, and a great read.
• Wholeness: As the fields of medicine, psychology and spirituality advance, they converge and agree, so if our faith doesn’t “bear fruit” in our physical, mental, emotional and social lives, we aren’t doing it right. I love how these worlds come together in Rachel Naomi Remen’s book Kitchen Table Wisdom.
See you Wednesday!

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