Happy New Year Everyone! Can you believe that we are approaching First Baptist’s 15th year of Inasmuch Day? As you make your 2020 plans, we hope that you will save the date for Inasmuch Day on Saturday, March 7. We need your help to make Inasmuch Day a success! For those who are new to this traditional day of service in our community, we hope we can help with some of your questions.
Why is it called Inasmuch Day? The name “Inasmuch” comes from Matthew 25:40 where Jesus said, “Inasmuch as you did it for the least of these, you did it for me.”
Why are we doing this? We are called to serve our neighbors and our community. We are called to support those who are in need. As a church we use Inasmuch Day as one of the ways in which we worship through service. It’s an all hands on deck day of giving back. It is also a great way to learn about organizations in our community and build relationships within the church family.
So what kind of jobs are we doing? Anything and Everything! There are opportunities for everyone regardless of skill level or ability. Some will be working on home repair projects, some will be pampering members of our community who don’t always feel special, some will be folding clothes and assembling care packages for babies in need, and some can help with the huge yard sale! Everyone can make an impact.
Do you have to be a member? Absolutely not! It’s a great opportunity to get involved and out of your comfort zone and connect with people you might not otherwise cross paths. We welcome anyone who is willing to help out.
How do I sign up? Registration will open in February, so keep an eye out for the registration link. We will also have opportunities to sign up in-person on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Save the Date for March 7, 2020!
How do I become more involved? We have slots available for project leaders. There are other opportunities throughout the year to help planning Inasmuch Day. If you are interested in the planning of Inasmuch Day or would be willing to lead a project, contact us for more information.
Who can tell me more? If you have further questions, you can contact us (fbginasmuch@gmail.com) or any staff member for more information.
—Nina and Ben Hallissy, Inasmuch Day Chairs

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