If your mailbox has been like my mailbox, it’s been void of the typical invitations. Oh, there have been a few, but the number of opportunities to gather, celebrate and mark the milestones of life have been few and far between this year. Graduation invitations, wedding invitations, birthday party invitations and now the early holiday party invitations are missing, but if you’ve been waiting for some meaningful invitations to come your way, here are three!
OU ARE INVITED TO A HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE for the next ten Wednesday evenings. Rather than cross the ocean and walk where Jesus walked, we’ll be traveling the internet to follow the footsteps of our Lord. Each week, Claudia Borchart (videoed from the Holy Land) and I will visit the holy sites of Israel and Palestine with you. The journey begins each Wednesday evening at 6:15pm via Livestream and Facebook Live. It’s free, and you are invited!
YOU ARE INVITED TO…BE AT PEACE. That’s right! Be at the Peace Center on the 2nd Sunday of each month (beginning this Sunday, September 13) at 10:30am for morning worship. Seating capacity is 550 worshipers. You may reserve your seats here (https://tinyurl.com/y3olo6jf). There is no charge to attend (other than your usual tithes and offerings), but the reservation allows the Peace Center to assign our seats and keep us socially distanced. Please plan to pay for parking (unless you’re just lucky and find a free spot), wear a mask, and feel free to bring your children to the service, since no childcare will be provided. We are gathering for worship, and you are invited!
YOU ARE INVITED TO TAKE A…SUNDAY DRIVE. On the 3rd Sunday evening of this month at 6:00pm, we will gather at the Greenville Drive Stadium (Get it? Sunday Drive?), aka Fluor Field, for a Celebration of Children’s Ministry. Bibles, Acolyte Crosses, and prayers will be given to and offered for our children who are reaching milestones in their spiritual journeys. It will be familiar liturgy…in an odd place…but with a beautiful church family. You are invited!
Join us in person if you can. All services will be broadcast via Livestream and Facebook Live if you can’t join us otherwise. Everyone is invited!

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