Rustlings (September 19, 2016)

When living in the Atlanta, I always enjoyed picking up the weekly edition of Creative Loafing. Being the avid concert-goer that I am, this weekly publication listed every venue in Atlanta – arenas, bars, stadiums, churches, etc., – and provided a listing of dates and artists scheduled to appear. The information contained in this free weekly was integral to my calendar planning.

I almost feel I’m writing an article for Creative Loafing today. Our church is incredibly fortunate to have some wonderful personalities gracing our Sanctuary in the coming days. I hope you’ll put each of these events on your calendar. On Sunday, September 25, at 6:30pm, Dr. Charles Kimball will be with us to discuss Lethal Religion: The Explosive Mix of Politics and Religion in Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Knowing the depth of Dr. Kimball’s knowledge in this area and the relevance for our contemporary situation, this will be a provocative and inspiring session. On Sunday, October 2, Dr. Charles Tompkins will be back at our organ. This 3:00pm concert will honor the memory of Sherwood Mobley and will no doubt be a meaningful time of worship and contemplation. Finally, on Thursday, October 6, at 2:00pm, legendary jazz bassist, author and teacher Victor Wooten will hold a Masterclass in our Sanctuary. Whatever you have to do to be here – do it. Skip school, call in sick to work, walk, run, ride or fly. Victor’s musicianship and philosophy of life will inspire and amaze you. And finally, on Sunday morning, November 6, all of our living former (and present) Senior Ministers will be participating in worship at FBG. Hardy Clemons, David Matthews, Jeff Rogers, Bruce Morgan along with Baxter Wynn, Buddy Shurden and I, will be leading us on this Legacy Sunday. A reception will follow in the Fellowship Hall.

We are fortunate to have some wonderful people dropping in to see us at FBG. Their presence is the perfect opportunity for you to do some creative and meaningful loafing in the next few weeks.

— Jim