Rustlings (September 12, 2016)

I love, love, LOVED planning vacations for my family. It was a delight to select and rent the perfect beach home. I proudly produced typewritten itineraries for the girls which included meal menus, restaurant selections and ticketed events. I even enjoyed the strategic packing of the car: luggage, floats, boogie boards and groceries. I loved planning vacations… but…I hate, hate, hated assembling the beach cabana. The poles were frequently flimsy. The support ropes and stakes were less than sturdy. And the canvas top and sides were always attached on what were assuredly the windiest of days. I dreaded the assembling of the beach cabana. I know it made the vacation more enjoyable for the girls… but I hated it.

I’m sure there is much you love about church. We have inspiring, moving worship services. Our Bible study classes are informative and challenging. Our music is beyond compare. Friendships are deep and our mutual care for one another is sincere. Our building and grounds are beautiful, and our calendar is filled with meaningful programming. I’m sure there is much you love about our church. But, if you are like most people, you don’t get overly excited about pictorial directories. Many people dread – even hate – the idea of making an appointment, getting the family dressed, sitting for a portrait, and then being mildly (and I assure you it will be mildly) pressured to purchase the portraits. And yet, having these directories help us in the building of community. Over 150 persons have joined this church in the last two years. Children have been born, couples have been married and we’ve all aged a bit. Having our portraits and names in one handy book will help us get to know each other better.

So, even if getting your picture taken is a tad painful, I am encouraging you to make an appointment for your church directory photograph. You may make reservations on the church website at, by calling the church office, or by signing up this Sunday – September 18 – in the Welcome Center or Fellowship Hall lobbies. We want every member of FBG to be included in the directory. So… look your best and don’t forget to say ‘beach cabana.’ Okay, just say ‘cheese.’

— Jim