Rustlings (October 5, 2015)

Graves are typically places of grief. We gather there to say goodbye to family and friends whose presence and touch will be missed. Our presence at a grave is typically peppered with tears and sniffs and lumps in our throat. That scarred earth is a hard place.

We are going to Gather at the Grave on Sunday afternoon, October 18, at 5:00pm. We are gathering at the grave of Lula Whilden. Our time together, however, will not be filled with moments of mourning. The iconic life of Lula Whilden – a deceased member of First Baptist Greenville and former foreign missionary – will be celebrated at this gathering. We will meet at NOMA square (at the downtown Hyatt) at 5:00pm and walk together to Lula’s grave at Springwood Cemetery. We will hush the festive conversation, sing a couple of old ‘mission hymns,’ hear our own Baxter Wynn eulogize Lula, have our children share thanksgivings for Lula, place flowers on her grave and then head back downtown to eat at our favorite restaurants.

We talk about Lula all the time. We give thousands of dollars in honor of Lula each year. Let’s all Gather at the Grave and enjoy a unique moment of celebrating her life. It’s going to be meaningful…and fun.

— Jim