Rustlings (October 26, 2015)

My oldest daughter has a friend – a psychologist – whose sole occupational purpose each day is to make GPS (global positioning system) voices sound more human and friendly. In essence, he is Siri’s speech therapist.

It’s important to have a kind human voice – a human face and a human touch – when we’re trying to find our way. That’s why our church is elevating and expanding the role of ‘Greeter’ on Sundays. It is our goal to have three greeters at every entrance to the church on Sunday mornings prior to Sunday School and worship. We do not want guests – individuals, families and their children – to have to wander and wonder through the beautiful, but complex labyrinth of our campus. With three greeters at each door, a greeter can walk with, talk with and personally guide people to their desired location. It is much more friendly – much more hospitable and efficient – than handing someone a map or trying to explain which level of the rotunda to exit.

Maintaining that many greeters on each and every Sunday will be quite a task. We will need over 80 greeters each week to provide this very human and very friendly introduction to our guests. On this Sunday morning, November 1, at 8:45 and 9:15 in the Fellowship Hall, we are providing a breakfast to thank our current greeters and enlist new greeters. (Register for either breakfast at here ) If you’ve been a member of First Baptist for a week or for years, we would love for you to give time to this ministry. Greeters will be on a schedule so you will not have to greet every Sunday…but I’ll bet after you do it once, you’ll want to.

At First Baptist, every member is a minister. I hope you’ll choose to join those persons who make our ‘GPS’ system a little more human and friendly.

— Jim