Rustlings (October 12, 2015)

Kendra and Hattie PlatingHattie Pearl Plating stopped by the church office several days ago. The church staff ooo’ed and ah’ed and coo’ed and smiled and enjoyed every moment of her presence. Hattie will not remember our treasured moments. In fact, the minute we step outside her visual parameter, we are forgotten. She is developmentally in the stage of childhood where object permanence does not exist. As we more commonly say, out of sight out of mind. Object permanence will not be a reality for her until she is 8-12 months old. But even without object permanence, she sure is a cutie! (Note: Kendra and Chris may dispute her lack of object permanence based on the fact she is their child and brilliant beyond measure. If they present this argument, simply smile, nod your head and politely agree. They can’t help it. 🙂

Kendra Plating also stopped by the office several days ago (since Hattie is also unable to drive at her present developmental state). Kendra had not forgotten we existed nor had we forgotten her. During these days of maternity leave, she has been recovering from the process of birth and delivery, bonding with Hattie, enjoying time with doting family and friends…and praying for us. As Minister of Pastoral Care (even on leave), she has prayed for us, maintained an awareness of those who are struggling among us, continued to dream of future pastoral care initiatives – the planning of grief support groups, recovery groups, etc., – and we’ve even ‘cheated’ and called to consult her on a couple of issues. We look forward to Hattie’s pending dedication and to Kendra’s return to her pastoral care role toward the end of the year. But until then, Kendra is not out of sight, out of mind to us…and vice versa…

— Jim