Rustlings (November 28, 2016)

I have never grown a beard. I’m not even sure I can grow one. I have, however, been in a play – a dramatic production. I do know I can memorize lines.

As an elementary school student, I was Linus in our school’s presentation of A Charlie Brown Christmas. It was the perfect role for me. I like Linus. I don’t mind his gentle nature and ever-present blanket, and it’s Linus who has the Luke 2 Christmas story memorized for presentation at the end of this Christmas classic. As an admitted Bible nerd, I had the Luke 2 story memorized as well. I still do.

I’ve been asked to participate as a cast member in the First Baptist Day School’s (new name of merged First Baptist Church Kindergarten and Infant Toddler Program – see inside story) Christmas program. The script was conceived and co-written by the five-year-old kindergarteners. I’ve been asked to play Old McMicah who, yes, has a farm. He also happens to own an inn with no vacancies. You’re getting the picture. And I’m just guessing, but he’s going to need a beard. (I don’t want to wear a ‘glue on’ beard!) It’s a beautiful portrayal of the nativity with an express sensitivity toward what the animals may have offered the infant Jesus. What a testimony to our Day School, our teachers and the creative insight of our young students.

This fabulous theatrical performance will be presented on Friday, December 16, at 10:00am in the Sanctuary. If possible, I hope you will come and support the First Baptist Day School children, parents and teachers. The story will inspire you. The children will delight you. You can sing-a-long with the music. I might actually have a real beard (and I emphasize the word ‘might’).

— Jim