Rustlings (November 24, 2014)

Some of the sweetest words in the English language are, “Allow me to do that for you.” We are an independent people. We love to do things ourselves and do things our way. But every once in a while, it’s nice to have someone see our need, muster their resources and tend the tiredness of our lives. Even Jesus allowed others to do things for him. Who among us would not want to be the woman who bathed Jesus’ feet in perfume and tears…or Simon of Cyrene who helped Jesus carry the cross…or Joseph of Arimethea who gently held the lifeless body of Jesus and provided for it a tomb.

Some of the sweetest, yet most precise and powerful words in print, were penned by Henri Nouwen. Many of us have allowed his words to guide our thoughts about faith and faith formation. This Advent, I’d like for us to allow Henri Nouwen to devotionally guide us through the season. I know we are accustomed to writing our own devotional guide – procuring writers, putting pen to paper, typesetting, designing, printing distributing. But we are already tired moving into a tiring season. So let’s let Henri do this for us. Your devotional guide may be picked up at the Reception Desk.