Rustlings (May 15, 2017)

She made it past the sifting of resumes. When our church’s upcoming vacancy in the finance office was announced, numerous vitae and resumes made their way to the church office. The appointed search committee set criteria, surveyed the applicants and chose those they wished to interview.

She made it past the interview. Appointments were scheduled for each candidate. Each applicant respectively took their place in the Clemons Conference Room and responded to the barrage of questions hurled at them. Prior work experience, present commitments and future hopes were explored. When the series of conversations were complete, she was offered the job.

She has made it past the staff initiation. (Okay, initiation is probably an overstatement, but….) She was introduced to our financial staff, and they overwhelmingly approved. She attended a ‘meet and greet’ with the broader church staff where each staff member shared their name, their role and one personal quirk. (This was hilarious…and I’m not allowed to divulge a thing.) At the end of our time together, we simply asked, “Do you still want the job?” She answered in the affirmative.

It’s time for you to meet Stacey Shinas. Stacey will be taking Pam Spengeman’s place following Pam’s retirement. Stacey is a wife, a mom, a graduate of Miami University in Ohio, a former CPA, a business manager, a Financial Accounting Specialist and a member of St. George Greek Orthodox Church. (Their Greek Festival is this week – May 18- 21. She would want me to take advantage of this opportunity for free advertisement.) I hope you’ll stop by the office and extend a word of greeting and hospitality. We’re excited to have her working with us, and she seems happy to be here… even after hearing all our quirks.

— Jim