Rustlings (March 19, 2018)

YouTube ushered the conversation into homes around the world. The national news carried the story days later. Two babies – twins – are standing in a kitchen, seemingly conversing about a missing sock, in a language that only they can understand. It was a familiar concept and sound for our family; we had twins. When Holly and Meggie were preschoolers, they often addressed each other in gutturals, squeaks and tones whose meanings were indistinguishable to us. They, however, seemed to know exactly what they were talking about. If you have never witnessed this phenomenon – or if you just feel like you need a good smile – go to:
The church has ushered a unique language into the cultures of our world and the circumstances of our individual lives. At times, the language is hard to understand – difficult to decipher. We speak of sacrifice, righteousness, justification, salvation, grace, atonement, forgiveness, justice and sanctification. We causally toss around the concepts of Easter, resurrection, baptism, crucifixion, Eucharist and passion. We rarely stop to consider the depth of each guttural, squeak and tone. The world, however, listens quizzically to this communication.
The Easter season is a beautiful time to engage and embrace the language that is ours. Holy Week holds the preponderance of our most precious and sacred terms. Within the celebrations of Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter, one can listen, learn and embrace the language of our faith. This Sunday is Palm Sunday. Thursday evening, we will gather in the parlor at 7:00pm to share Maundy Thursday communion. On Friday evening, we will gather in Carpenter Chapel at 7:00pm for the quiet, beautiful and meaningful Good Friday veneration of the cross service, and of course, on Easter Sunday morning, we will enjoy an early service on the Labyrinth to welcome the day at 8:30am and then welcome a full house at our 10:30am worship hour. Make room in your schedule for each of these events as we begin Holy Week celebration this Sunday. Bring a friend to each service. Let’s chat a while… in our own language…
– Jim