Rustlings (June 5, 2017)

As a high school student, I worked at Martin Twin Cinema in Madisonville, Kentucky. I began in the concession stand, worked my way up to ticket sales and finally was able to settle in the projection booth. I rarely go to the movies these days. The lack of time and
the abundance of alternative viewing modes make my trips to the cinema few and far between. However, when I do take in a movie, I am never late. I have to see all the previews! So, if you are a preview person like me, I thought I would share with you a few upcoming events in the worship of our church you will want to put on your calendar.

Sunday, June 11, is Summer Music Sunday. We will host filmmaker Laura Bialis and her musician husband, Avi Vaknin, in worship. We will also enjoy Laura’s much acclaimed film Rock in the Red Zone 5:00pm, Sunday afternoon at the Peace Center’s Gunter Theater.

On Sunday, June 25, at 3:00 in the afternoon, we will joyfully host a ‘Coming Home’ reception for Springfield Baptist Church. Springfield Baptist was birthed from the ministry of First Baptist Church. Our histories are tied together, and our futures will be best lived together. This is Springfield’s 150th anniversary. This is our part in their big year.

On the weekend of Sunday, July 16, Israel comes to Greenville. Claudia Borchart (tour guide on our recent pilgrimage to Israel) will come to Greenville and share Israel with us. She is scheduled to give us a geo-religiopolitico (I made that up) tour of Israel
during a dinner, participate in worship Sunday morning and also participate in our youth’s Unidiversity Camp. We are still waiting on Visa and approval, but I think it’s going to happen.

Sunday, August 6, First Baptist Greenville will once again host the Furman Singers Reunion in our morning worship. This is always an impressive and inspiring morning of music.

The First Baptist Church Kindergarten (soon to be called First Baptist Day School) will celebrate its 65th Anniversary on Sunday, August 27. As an academic year begins, the morning worship will provide opportunity to bless all students and teachers, celebrate the anniversary of our school and embrace the combining of our kindergarten and infant-toddler program into the First Baptist Day School.

— Jim