On a recent pilgrimage to Greece, I meandered among the ancient ruins with a less-than-ancient ‘Whisper Headset’ on my ears. Through this miracle of radio technology, a guide provided detail and narrative to the statuesque rubble that surrounded us. I was reminded of the differences between Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns. I learned cultural details from systems of plumbing to subtleties of art. I gained a better understanding of how our classical forebears lived.
As a child, my family often visited Delta Village in Tallulah, Louisiana. Tallulah is a small town just across the state line from southern Arkansas. Delta Village was a small amusement park that lasted less than a decade. No trace of it exists today. It was an easy and inexpensive trip for our family. A day at Delta Village got you a log flume ride, a train ride around the park, a petting zoo, a few carnival games, and a wild west gunfight show that, at the time, featured a young upstart artist named Ray Stevens. Tucked between the rides and games were exhibits of delta pioneer life. You could wander from booth to booth and watch blacksmiths pound metal, weavers work looms, quilters stitch their patches, and woodworkers carve their wares. I gained a better understanding of how the people of the land lived.
Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) is a division of United Ministries that assists families who find themselves in a homeless situation. This work is done in conjunction with faith communities in the upstate area. In typical non-COVID-19 days, our church is in a rotation to host and care for these families. We set up living quarters on the church campus where families can sleep, relax, eat and enjoy the simple benefits of shelter. United Ministries has provided a short video to help inform us about the reach of this ministry and the flexibility of its provision during the Covid-19 crisis. No headset is needed. No trip across the Louisiana state line is necessary. Click on the video below, watch, learn, enjoy, pray, and plan to volunteer when families are back in our immediate care.

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