It is a classic Jewish tale. Rabbi Eizik of Kraków, Poland, dreams there is a treasure buried next to the bridge adjacent to the king’s palace in Prague. Intrigued by the dream, he travels to Prague, finds the bridge, and begins digging. One of the king’s soldiers saw Rabbi Eizik digging and demanded an explanation. The Rabbi told the soldier about his dream, and the soldier burst out laughing. “You silly Jew!” he exclaimed. “Are you so naïve to believe your dreams? Why, just last night I had a dream that if I traveled to Kraków, found a rabbi named Eizik, and dug underneath the oven in his house, I would find a priceless treasure. Do you think I would travel to Kraków because of a silly dream.?” Rabbi Eizik returned to Kraków and found the treasure in his own home.

Sometimes, treasures are closer than we think. Our Personnel Committee has been diligently working to find the best persons to fill recent vacancies in our church staff. Quality individuals have already been hired in the areas of broadcast, media, finance and education. In addition, interviews are scheduled for applicants for the Minister to Children position. We still, however, needed to replace our Missions Coordinator – now titled Minister of Community Engagement. Matt Rollins, our present Minister of Spiritual Formation and Outreach, stepped forward and expressed a deep interest in embracing and expanding the scope of this ministry. Of course, this would leave his present role vacant. The Personnel Committee (and many of you) have seen a unique giftedness in Camille Loomis Rehnborg – our Pastoral Resident – for the work of spiritual formation and outreach. While our residency guidelines discourage the hiring of residents when their term is complete, we recognize the guidelines are ours to change…particularly when the treasure is this close.

All that said, I am happy to announce, the Personnel Committee has approved Matt Rollins’ transition to Minister of Community Engagement and the hiring of Camille Loomis Rehnborg as Minister of Spiritual Formation and Outreach. Each will begin their new ministry roles on August 1. Thanks be to God for the treasures among us.


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