Rustlings (July 20, 2015)

I wish I had written Goodnight Moon. It’s a wonderful children’s book that intrigues and relaxes both the reader and the listener. It engages the familiarity of our life and places innate value on that which is most common among us. I understand why it’s a bestseller.
I wish I had written Goodnight Greenville. A copy of Dr. Joe Maurer and artist Joseph Bradley’s book was purchased by a colleague and given to my new granddaughter. It’s local lean on the original book’s theme is ingenious, informative and
entertaining. I’m delighted my little Harper has a copy.

I’ve decided to write a book titled, Good Morning, Greenville. I mentally scribed the text on my run this morning…

Good morning, McPherson Park. I love your free putt putt.
Good morning, sidewalk where I tripped and scraped my knees and elbows a year ago –#@!*%!!!
Good morning, Max Heller statue. At what are you pointing?
Good morning, little mouse. Where are all your friends?
Good morning, McBee. I’ve finally learned to pronounce your name.
Good morning, Peace Center. I like to sit at the end of your rows. It’s a no-center-aisle- restroom thing.

Okay. I probably won’t write that book. But I will write a sermon for this Sunday. It will undoubtedly touch on biblical texts and life issues common to all of us. I hope it brings some comfort or challenge to your life. See you in worship…