Rustlings (July 17, 2017)

Music is often called the universal language. It is a human expression that brings people together all over the world. African rhythms, Mediteranean semi-tones, classical motifs and any language of lyric tends to pull us in, make us move and somehow find a sense of unity.

In the coming months, our church is hosting two choral events that you will not want to miss. On Sunday, August 6, the Furman Singers Reunion Choir will participate in our morning worship service. A series of anthems will be meaningfully integrated into the elements of worship and into the sermon. As it is each time we host them, the hour of worship will inspiring. On Friday evening, October 13, we will be the host venue for the Lavender Pen Tour of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus (SFGMC) and the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir (OIGC). This incredible combined choral group is one of the largest international touring choirs with a schedule and sound that rival the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Rather than an international tour this year, SFGMC is traveling through the Southeastern United States on a goodwill tour. This 175-voice choir will present an evening of musical inspiration and entertainment that will not be soon forgotten. There is no charge for this event. An offering will be received to benefit local relief organizations. Tim Seelig – artistic director of SFGMC – is excited about sharing this time with First Baptist. Tim is a graduate of a Baptist seminary, served as a Minister of Music in a Baptist church, and was reared in a family of ministers. In his words, “This is like coming home.”

There are few finer choirs in the world compared to these two. We are fortunate to have both groups sharing their love of God and their love of music with us. Make sure to put both on your calendar… and come enjoy the universal language.

— Jim