Time is relative. It has never felt more relative—at least for me—than in recent months. As schedules are adjusted and normal activities are abated, the days and weeks seem to glacially drag by. (With South Carolina temperatures in the 90’s this week, ‘glacially’ may not have been an apt descriptor… but you get the point.) At the same time, it’s the middle of July! Where has 2020 gone?
Time is relative with regard to learning curves. Technology has never been ‘my thing.’ Fellow employees know I am the last person to call if there is a computer problem, video problem, or sound problem. I’m not intimidated by much, but I have always found it hard to keep up with the ever-mounting number of knobs and buttons and pads and screens and bytes and pixels and all other things related to technology. It typically takes me a long time to orient to any new technological standard. And of course, by the time I’m somewhat comfortable, the technology has changed again. Sigh. During these last few months, however, time and the learning curve has been relative. Like many of you, I’ve quickly adapted to cameras, microphones, Zoom, Google Meets, and a host of other techy tools.
Some of these technological paths have become so common for us that we forget there are those who lack access to these wonders. As a church, we do not want anyone to be left out of our gatherings. If you are reading this (hard copy) and you do not have access to a radio, iPad, computer, internet or other tools necessary to at least join us for worship on Sunday mornings, please let us know. If you know someone who does not have technological access to Sunday morning worship, please call the church office and let us know. We want to do our best to ensure everyone has the opportunity to remain engaged with their faith family… especially during a time when loneliness and separation is prevalent. Let’s be intentional about staying connected—in our prayers, in our phone calls, in our cards and letters, and through the technology that is available to us.

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