Rustlings (June 11, 2018)

It is almost time to change the bulletin board again. You know the one – the one just outside the Senior Minister’s office, the one in the hallway that leads to the Rotunda, the one currently adorned with pictures of our graduates, the one that weeks ago held stories of how we used our $100 of Ash Wednesday to add to the life of another. Yeah, that bulletin board. The changing of the bulletin board is probably, typically no concern to you. It just gets done, and depending on the content, you either notice it or not. This change, however, is completely dependent upon you.

Our Summer Sermon Series is called ‘Postcards from the Edge.’ Your proclaiming ministers will be preaching on Summer Sundays from the minor prophets of the Old Testament – those little books in the back of the Old Testament (sort of post cards from God) we rarely read or from which we rarely preach. They include some familiar favorites like Jonah and Hosea, but they also include books like Obadiah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zechariah and Haggai. We’re looking forward to sharing these ‘postcards’ with you this summer.

In return, we want you to share some postcards with us! Wherever you travel this summer, send the church a postcard. We will hang the postcards on the bulletin board outside my office and celebrate our church’s travel in the world. We will post the card and photocopy any notes from the back of the card. It will be fun to check the board each week and keep up with each other. It will take a little bit of effort to get off the beach, climb down the mountain, hop off the trolley or slip out of the restaurant to purchase a card, find a stamp and mail it, but it will be worth it! So, enjoy your travels, let us enjoy it with you through the medium of a postcard, and of course, when in town, don’t miss worship with your church family at First Baptist Greenville.