Rustlings (January 30, 2017)

Okay… so it’s not Maui. Our Second Annual Churchwide Retreat is scheduled for March 3-5 at the YMCA’s Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, North Carolina. I know we ‘promised’ you Maui, but that just ain’t happening. There will be no sandy beaches, poolside piña colada, afternoon surfing lessons or scooter rides around the volcanoes. Temperatures will not be in the 80’s, a breeze will not be blowing in from the Pacific, and there will be no whale sightings. Snorkling is not a free time option (unless you really want to do that in the YMCA pond – not recommended), and hardwood trees will be more prevalent than palms. I admit, it’s not Maui…but…

We will enjoy some wonderful Hawaiian music as well as the delights of island cuisine. (Well, as island-y as a YMCA cafeteria can manage.) The ukuleles and tropical shirts and grass skirts will be in abundance. Beach chairs will grace the party area. I think we’ve founda video of some ocean waves crashing along a beach. It’s going to be as beachy as we can make it…but be sure and bring a coat.

More important than the molding of a Maui theme, we will be worshiping, learning and praying together. We will be exploring the Psalms and pondering the idea – You Are Here. We will discover facets of our lives – sadness, happiness, doubt, growth and more – all present in the prayers of this Old Testament book. We will also discover that in all of these situations God is present.

So given the choice between being by myself in Maui or being with you on retreat in Black Mountain… well… I’d probably choose Maui (hey, gotta be honest), but I’ve already made reservations for Black Mountain. I hope you’ve made your reservations, too. This week is our deadline for reservations, so go online or call the church office today and make sure you are part of this wonderful weekend.

— Jim