Rustlings (January 29, 2018)

Always and Forever is an R&B song written by Rod Temperton and was recorded by his band Heatwave in 1976. The song was later recorded by Luther Vandross in 1994 and won him the Grammy Award for Best R&B Male Vocalist in 1995. Since its first release, it has been played at almost every prom and every wedding reception by every cover band in existence! Perhaps because it is a perfect ‘slow dance’ tune… or maybe, because it is one of those rare songs that captures the whole of a life – the ‘here and now’ and the future. It expresses the love felt in the present and also conveys a hope for a future commitment.

Sunday, February 4, is our annual Foundation Sunday. This is a day in the life of our church that carries the depth and breadth of Rod Temperton’s composition. It is a day that speaks to the ‘here and now,’ yet also calls us toward a future commitment. A lot will be happening in the ‘here and now’ during this service. It will be an hour to worship God and enjoy the fellowship of our faith family. Kristan Pitts and Frank Smith will guide our thoughts concerning racial reconciliation and harmony in the present. Our youth will be collecting money through their ‘Souper Bowl Fundraiser’ to assist present mission needs. All of these present moments, however, will be wrapped in the challenge of the future. Infused into the elements of worship will be a reminder of our commitment to the future. All of the ministries that we begin and in which we participate today, must be sustained in the years to come. Mission efforts begun today, must be supported to their fruition. Students who feel the call of God on their life today must be able to rely on the support of the church as they prepare for their life’s ministry. Missionaries who step onto the field today should be able to depend upon the prayerful, financial support of the church tomorrow. Property built today will need to be cared for in the days to come. This and more is the work of the First Baptist Foundation. The Foundation takes the commitments we make in the ‘here and now’ and insures they are cared for in the future.

I hope you will be here for Foundation Sunday on February 4, and if you haven’t already, I hope you will include the Foundation in your will and estate planning today… so that the work of the church can be cared for always and forever…

— Jim