Rustlings (February 6, 2017)

There are times when you need to run. If you and a friend are walking through the woods and you come face to face with a bear, you need to run. It is not necessary for you to outrun the bear. You only need to outrun your friend. This may sound a bit cruel, but it’s all about survival.

You need to run in the C. Dan Joyner Mission Backpack 5K scheduled for Saturday morning, February 18, at 9:00. (Packet pickup begins at 7:45am on the Terrace Level of the AYMC.) This annual event benefits Mission Backpack – a program that provides weekend meals for underprivileged children. (You may be tempted to stop reading at this point because you are not a runner…fight the temptation!) You don’t have to be a runner to be part of this wonderful mission effort. If you pay your registration fee (all of which goes directly to Mission Backpack), you can run, walk or crawl the 5K route. If you don’t feel like moving in any of the aforementioned modes, you don’t have to! You can sit in the AYMC, drink coffee, eat waffles and chat… while the rest of us run… grrrrrrr. If you hit the course, please know that you don’t have to outrun all of the other runners; you only need to outrun me. For every person who crosses the finish line before me in the race, I will donate an additional dollar to Mission Backpack beyond my registration fee. Just FYI, I’ve finished last the past two years. If you’re really feeling generous, you can match my contribution to Mission Backpack!

There are times when you need to run. Saturday, February 18, at the C. Dan Joyner Mission Backpack 5K is one of those times. And while it may not be your first choice of activities on a cool Saturday morning…it’s all about for survival. For some of the children in our community, it is all about survival.

— Jim