Rustlings (February 20, 2017)

We love the Bible, but we don’t hang out a lot in 1 & 2 Kings. We are not big fans of Lent either. Compared to the pageantry of Advent, the festivities of Christmas, the dazzle of Epiphany, the hallelujahs of Easter and the fire of Pentecost… well… Lent is all about ashes and repentance and sin and stuff like that. Rarely have I heard a soul proclaim, “Lent is my favorite season of the year!”

So what could be better than reading 1 & 2 Kings during the Lenten Season?!? (It’s going to be better than it sounds, I promise.) The Lenten season begins next Wednesday – Ash Wednesday – March 1. Following our midweek meal, we will move to the Sanctuary, prayerfully open our hearts to the challenge of this season and receive the imposition of ashes. On the five Sundays that follow – leading up to Holy Week, we will explore the story of Elijah in 1 & 2 Kings. We will watch for ravens, listen for winds, strain to hear quiet voices, and await heavenly fires as we trust God’s promises of presence and strength. This study of Elijah’s life will culminate with the Sanctuary Choir’s presentation of a portion of Mendelsohn’s Elijah on Sunday morning, April 2.

Lent may not be your favorite season. 1 & 2 Kings may not be your favorite biblical books. But this season and those texts have much to offer the struggles of your life. Come and join your church family in worship as we discover the hope of the Lenten season.

— Jim