Rustlings (February 16, 2015)

I’m an outside person. As a child, I would race home from school, grab a snack and hop on my gold Spyder bike (banana seat with raised handle bars) to head off to some adventure. My afternoon activities varied: football in the field behind Mrs. Morgan’s house, exploring the jungle (a brush infested ditch beside Michael Reeve’s house), jumping bike ramps at the Duckworth’s or swinging on the swings at the local library. As an adult, I love to be out running, biking, walking, sitting on a bench in the sun. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the comfy, cozy cushions of my sofa while relaxing with a good movie or book. But I still love to be outside.

At times, the church needs to be reminded to go outside. Again, don’t get me wrong. I love the solace of the Sanctuary, the challenge of the Sunday School room, the filial feel of the Fellowship Hall and hugs shared in the hallways. But part of our life must be lived outside.

I want to encourage you to ‘go outside’ on March 21 and participate in our annual Operation Inasmuch mission experience. Some of the outside work is truly outside. Some of the outside work is actually inside. But all of the work touches the world outside our walls. Go online before March 1 (church website) and sign up for where you’d like to serve. I’m looking forward to seeing you inside the church this Sunday… but outside the church for Operation Inasmuch on March 21!