Rustlings (February 13, 2017)

Vacation means different things to different people. For some, it can be experienced – it needs to be experienced – in a variety of ways. My vacation ends this morning. Tomorrow I will be back in the office and back in the swing of things. Today, I feel rested. My rest began in a people-packed, noisy, neon-lit room in Las Vegas. Just a day later, my soles and soul were pounding the pavement on the Great Highway along the Pacific Coast; it was a brisk morning run. By noon the next day, a friend and I were stepping into the pristine serenity of Yosemite Valley. We hiked the Loop Trail toward Yosemite Falls as El Capitan, The Three Brothers and Half Dome kept watch over our journey. Yesterday I worshiped with my San Francisco church family and this morning I’m in my frequently borrowed Bay City abode curled up with a book…and a computer. Vacation is different things to different people. And for some of us, it needs to be experienced in a multitude of ways.

Worship is different things to different people. And some individuals approach and honor God in a multitude of ways. We rely on different senses in different moments and are dominated by particular perspectives on particular days. Our needs differ; some need sanctuary, some need knowledge, some need community, some need inspiration, some need solitude and some need noise. And all of us may need all of these at different times. Our gifts differ. Our days differ. Our paths differ. Our sense and understanding of God differ.

This Sunday, I hope you will join our church family in worship at First Baptist Greenville. During the sermon (and as a preparation for communion), I am going to give you a short tour of our Sanctuary. It will not be all-inclusive, but it will highlight some aspects of our particular context and content that make us distinctively Baptist and expressly Christian. You might even discover a new way to worship our God and serve your neighbor. So thanks for the time away, but I’m looking forward to worshiping together this Sunday.

— Jim