Rustlings (December 4, 2017)

Hurry and make a last minute reservation! Call the church office today! I mean right now! If you don’t want to eat, just show up at 6:15pm. Even if you haven’t been to church on a Wednesday night in years, be in the Fellowship Hall this Wednesday night, December 6, for the Scrooge finale. Really… I’m not kidding… clear your calendar and be here this Wednesday!

Kyle Matthews has done an inspiring and artful job of walking us through the frames and footage of Leslie Bricusse’s musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. With keen insight, he’s harvested biblical truths from the classic lines of both the book and film. We’ve watched characters develop, ghosts visit, clocks tick, locks latch and heard some wonderful music. This Wednesday, Kyle will reveal to us the beauty of Scrooge’s repentance and redemption. We will watch the final moments of this movie with a reprise of music that will have you smiling and crying at the same time. I know. I watch this movie every year on the day after Thanksgiving. I watched it again this year. It never gets old.

There are some wonderful redemptive moments in Christmas cinema. Moments like: when the Grinch’s small heart grows three sizes, when Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree becomes the decorated centerpiece for the Peanuts’ choir, when Rudolph is invited to lead the sleigh team, and of course, when Susan, Doris and everyone else on 34th Street come to believe the Kris Kringle of Macy’s truly is Santa Claus. All of these are cinematic Christmas at its best, but none of them compare to the finale of Bricusse’s Scrooge. This Wednesday will be a meaningful, musical moment you will not want to miss! (Hmmmm… but so will the Sanctuary Choir’s presentation of Magnificatthis Sunday, December 10, during morning worship. Oh, and there’s also the Children’s Choirs’ Christmas program at 6:00pm this Sunday. How could I forget next Wednesday, December 13 – First on Main at NOMA Square downtown!) It’s a season of many wonderful musical moments. Put them all on your calendar and celebrate with your faith family this season.

— Jim