Rustlings (December 21, 2018)

My daughter opened the uppermost cabinet on the right side of my kitchen. It’s my medicine cabinet. All the syrups, pills, gauze, tape, thermometers, and other items necessary for the alleviation of sickness and symptoms are stored there. My daughter asked, “Why do you have so many throat lozenges?”

It’s true. I have a lot of throat lozenges. There are several bags and sleeves and tins of lozenges in the cabinet. I’m guessing I have stock-piled at least 200 lozenges of varying brands. Why? Well, it’s because of you. Yep…you. If I so much as cough or clear my throat in the pulpit, someone puts a ration of lozenges on my office desk… or they hand me a lozenge as they exit the Sanctuary… or (yes this has happened) they leave a bag of lozenges at my condominium door. I’m not complaining…I’m humbled, impressed and amazed. If you perceive I have a need, you are overly generous in your tending.

I’ve seen you do the same with regard to the needs of others and the needs of our world, so as we close 2018, I’m going to cough…clear my throat…and again trust your generosity. I’m going to trust your commitment to the needs of every minister, ministry, missionary and program represented in our church’s Mission and Ministry Plan (budget). I’m going to trust you will end your year of generosity by giving a little more than you gave last year, a little more than you planned to give this year… an end-of-the-year gift that warms your heart and makes ministry possible.

We have surpassed our budget goal for the last four years. Let’s not fall short this year. Let your gift to Christ and Christ’s church be the most significant gift you give this year, and may you be blessed in the year ahead…

– Jim