Rustlings (December 18, 2017)

Christmas morning is different from every other morning of the year. The level of anticipation preceding the day, make the waking hour unlike any other. As a child, my eyes were wide-open at 4:00am, 5:00am, 5:30am, 6:00am…, waiting and wondering when it was safe to get up. (I was never worried about running into Santa, but prior years had revealed my parents grumpy disdain for pre-6:00am races to the Christmas tree.) When it was determined safe to arise, my brothers and I would run down the hall to gaze upon the wonders deposited by our favorite saint. (We couldn’t touch anything until our parents got up, went potty, brushed their teeth, put on some clothes, poured their coffee…well…you get the picture.) Meanwhile, we just stood there – in our underwear – looking at the tree with all its bounty. That didn’t happen on any other morning of the year. Finally, we would dig into the pile: wrapping paper flying, boxes ripped open, screaming for batteries, showing each other our treasures. (This only lasted about 10 minutes.) Then we settled into a game and eventually a nap, while our sleepy-eyed parents sipped coffee on the sofa. It was a morning like no other.

Our next two mornings at First Baptist will be a little different. On Sunday, December 24, we will worship together as usual at 10:30am. We will not, however, have Sunday School. On Sunday, December 31, we will again worship together at 10:30am, we will not have Sunday School, but we will enjoy breakfast together prior to worship in the Fellowship Hall at 9:00am. Since these two Sundays fall on the eve of holidays, the schedule for each day is a little different. We hope these changes help ease the stress of your holiday season and offer you the rest Sabbath was intended to provide. So, I’ll see you in worship this Sunday…and I expect us all to be fully clothed.

— Jim