Please pardon the mess. You will probably hear me say this (or see this in writing) several times over the next several years, so I’ll write it here once more: Please pardon the mess. It’s part of progress and our intentional care of God’s house and God’s people. In my 2018 ‘State of the Church Address,’ I shared my desire to incrementally move through the church facilities for the purposes of upkeep and renovation. In the last 18 months, we’ve renovated the Sanctuary, then the Narthex, then the Reception Area, and then the ministry offices and hallway.
This Summer we are working in other areas—and as you know—it’s been a bit messy and caused some minor inconveniences. The Reception Area entryway is being redesigned. This project is addressing two different issues of primary importance: 1) Structural problems along the edge of the Sanctuary building were causing the bricks to sink around the foundation. This problem was critical and had to be addressed. 2) We are constantly ensuring our facilities are as secure as possible, and this project will enhance security features on the exterior of the Sanctuary and Reception Area. Work in this area has necessitated the closing of all Reception Area and Sanctuary doors during the week. (On Sundays, the Sanctuary doors are open.) During the week, you have been accommodating in entering the building under the breezeway between the Rotunda and Fellowship Hall entrance. Thank you for continuing this practice just a little bit longer.
Our Media Center has also been closed during the Summer months. It is being completely renovated and should be open in early September. The redesigned area will include: an enhanced biblical studies/spirituality/justice collection of books, updated computers and work stations, a wonderful children’s reading area and a tech-savvy space for small group meetings. I have no doubt the traffic will immensely increase in this area once it’s open.
So…pardon the mess, but please know that in addition to all the good work we are doing in the community and in the world, we are doing our best to create spaces where God can do God’s work right here among us.

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