Labor Day was a random marker during my childhood. My parents did not allow us to go swimming after Labor Day—even if temperatures were still in the 90s in the Mississippi Delta! To ensure our warmth, we had to start wearing t-shirts under our regular shirts after Labor Day—even if temperatures were still in the 90s in the Mississippi Delta! White shorts, pants, skirts and shoes were put away until Easter. (This applied more to my sister than to me. It also did not include white Converse Chucks.) In many ways, Labor Day was a marker.
This year, Labor Day marks the start-up for much of our church programming. Complete details will be communicated by particular ministry areas, but allow me to give you a brief overview here:
Sunday School? Most Sunday School classes (children and adult) will continue to meet virtually. Youth Sunday School is adopting a hybrid model. ONE youth Sunday School will meet each week (masked and socially distanced in a large church venue).
Wednesday Evenings? MidWeek Fellowship will continue to be broadcast via Livestream and Facebook Live but will be broadcast from the Fellowship Hall. Children’s Music and Mission programs will begin meeting via Zoom. Youth will alternate gathering on Wednesday and Sunday evenings according to age and in accordance with our COVID-19 Covenant guidelines. (Contact our Youth Ministry Team for more information.
Committee Meetings? Some committees have chosen to continue meeting virtually. Other committees have begun to meet at the church under our COVID-19 Covenant guidelines.
Worship? Churches our size face a unique challenge when it comes to being both safe and inclusive. We will continue to broadcast all services via Livestream and Facebook Live…but…I think we have some exciting news coming soon with regard to an alternative option for worship. Hopefully we can let you know by Labor Day…after all….Labor Day seems to be this year’s random marker.

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